Our Services

Whatever you and your family envision in a funeral service, Donelson, Johns & Evans Funeral Home can provide. We will share the services and offerings that match your specific desires, expectations, and budget. We work with diverse populations and accommodate a wide variety of needs and preferences.


Making Your Arrangements

At the time that you are ready to make funeral arrangements, we invite you to contact Donelson, Johns and Evans Funeral Home. We will kindly and compassionately educate and guide you through the process, which families appreciate and often feel that we are part of their family. Together, we will discuss your loved one and learn about his/her particular situation. Accustomed to advising our families as they experience a very difficult time in their life, we answer any and all questions and attend to families’ feelings of sadness and stress. Our families feel safe and well taken care of, which brings them comfort and peace.

Our Lounge
Coffee and tea is provided, families are encouraged to bring in their own refreshments also. A refrigerator is also provided.


On your behalf, we gather the important information to develop the death certificate and obituary and acquire necessary permits and authorizations. We coordinate the days and times of the service(s), contact your church/synagogue/mosque and ensure that your priest/pastor/ rabbi are available, and call the cemetery. We learn whether your loved one was a veteran and received military/veteran’s honors and about his/her membership in organizations that may offer various services to honor your loved one.


Funeral Services For Your Loved One

Together, we can discuss the ways to honor your loved one. You will learn about pre-arrangements, a traditional funeral, memorial service, cremation , and no service. Whether you desire more or less guidance, it is our pleasure to share our knowledge and guidance.


Then, we will orchestrate your services. Throughout, your loved one is reflected, in ways such as:

  • A special religious service
  • Content in the service
  • Favorite songs/music
  • Family members or friends saying a few words
  • Visuals such as memory boards that you create, framed photos, awards/ribbons/trophies, plaques, and other items reflecting their hobbies or interests such as golf clubs, bowling balls, and crafts that they created



Behind The Scenes

Donelson, Johns & Evans Funeral Home conducts many behind-the-scenes activities to sensitively and responsibly handle the deceased in keeping with what your family desires. We offer a wide variety and combination of services that we can discuss together.

For example, we can transfer the body to the funeral home, embalm and prepare it for a traditional funeral, deliver the body to another city or state for services or burial there, handle the cremation, orchestrate delivery of the remains to the cemetery, etc.




We invite you to contact Donelson, Johns & Evans Funeral Home at 248 673.1213.

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