At Donelson, Johns & Evans Funeral Home, we recommend pre-arranging your funeral at a time when your family is without the stress, rush, or pressure of making difficult decisions in the midst of a loss. Consistently, we behold the relief that individuals and families feel in knowing their pre-arrangements have been handled. Pre Arrangement Office
By pre-arranging a funeral, you avoid the complexities that arise when an entire family is involved in the decision-making. Further, paying in advance ensures that the financial burden is removed from families funding it themselves, and it is not counted as an asset by Medicaid.


Individuals pre-arrange their own funeral, and at other times a husband or wife makes pre-arrangements for the other. Family members make pre-arrangements for a family member in a hospital, nursing home or hospice.


Donelson, Johns & Evans Funeral Home will guide you comfortably through the pre-arrangements process and explore all of the available options. Examine choices to determine what is best for your family. You can express in writing all of your specific wishes, ranging from the type of funeral arrangements, who will officiate the service, and what you envision as to each and every detail.




We invite you to contact Donelson, Johns & Evans Funeral Home at 248 673.1213.

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