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Michael A. Evans
Manager/Funeral Director,
Max A. Evans Sr
Max A. Evans Jr

For over more than 60 years, Donelson, Johns & Evans Funeral Home has had a heart to serve local residents and their families in honoring their loved ones. Our rich history began in 1948, and we are honored to carry on the philosophies and traditions of our dedicated founders.


The families served by Doneslon, Johns & Evans Funeral Home know our desire to be of service. Not only are we licensed and regulated to protect the public health, we truly want to meet the needs of the families that we serve. When you work with us, everything will be taken care of for you in the ways that you envision for your loved one.


A Convenient And Comfortable Facility

Families appreciate our easy-to-reach facility conveniently located on the main road of M-59 in Waterford, Michigan. Our one-level, handicap-accessible building provides 5,000-square-feet that offers your family and visitors an intimate setting in which to bond and come together.


Easily access two viewing rooms and a variety of other rooms and resources that provide your family


Dorothy A. Evans

and friends comfort. Our large, unobstructed parking lot offers more than 90 designated parking spots, and plenty of handicapped parking.


Two Chapels To Meet Your Needs

Donelson, Johns and Evans Funeral Home offers two chapels to meet your needs. Each can be personalized on behalf of your loved one, through including their favorite things and photos as well as playing their music in the background. Utilizing today’s technology, you can conduct a slide show, Powerpoint presentation, or show a video.


Our sizable main chapel accommodates seating for up to 225 people, which is a larger capacity than most facilities in our area. Behold stained glass bearing deep colors, a calm and relaxing view of an outdoor fountain in our courtyard, and drapery that can be opened and closed as needed.


Our second chapel provides seating for up to 100 people in a warm and comfortable setting. Paintings on the walls, the calming, stained-glass designed by the wife of one of the original owners, and an adjoining sitting room for your family and guests all make up this chapel. 


Other Amenities For Your Family

For your convenience, Donelson, Johns, and Evans Funeral Home has at your disposal a kitchen with a refrigerator, sink, and microwave, dining area with tables and chairs, buffet table, and a beautiful view of the fountain. A bathroom also is conveniently located on this level.


We invite you to contact Donelson, Johns & Evans Funeral Home at 248 673.1213.

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